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Fishing Urns & Fisherman Cremation Urns

Fishing Urns & Fisherman Cremation Urns made from solid red oak & alder hardwood. Fishing Cremation Urns and Fisherman Urns by Enduring Memorials are 100% American Made.

Cremation Urn

Fisherman with
Prayer Cremation Urn

Cremation Urn

Fisherwoman with
Prayer Cremation Urn

Stream Fisherman
Cremation Urn

Freshwater Fisherman
Cremation Urn

Saltwater Fisherman
Cremation Urn

Big Water Fishing Boat
Cremation Urn

Bass Fishing Boat
Cremation Urn

Cremation Urn


Cremation Urn Sizes

Cremation Urn Dimensions

Fishing Cremation Urn
Starting Regular Price: $190.00
Starting Sale Price:$139.95
Fishing Artwork:
Memory Chest:
Font Style:
Please Email Engraving Proof:


Optional Backside Poem Engraving
Starting Regular Price: $34.95
Starting Sale Price: $23.95
Poem Engraving:


If your order includes the Backside Poem Engraving please allow five (3-5) addtional business days before item is shipped.